09/13/2012 05:53 EDT | Updated 09/15/2012 09:00 EDT

New Forms Festival Hits Vancouver Sept. 13-16


Who ever said that technology distances us further?

Certainly no one taking part in the 2012 New Forms Festival, which happens this Thursday to Sunday at various venues around Vancouver.

The festival aims to promote Canadian artists who push boundaries in music and multimedia. It brought cutting edge acts like Girl Talk to Vancouver in 2004. Organizers say it's part of a greater movement that explores changing art and provides a venue where artists can grow their craft.

NFF 2012 marks the 12th year for the festival. It will feature performers including California-based dub artist Teebs, Vancouver-based multimedia artist Lief Hall and international electronic producer Kangding Ray.

Which new forms will you engage with this year?

New Forms Festival