09/13/2012 08:58 EDT | Updated 03/11/2013 05:29 EDT

Smythe Shows Us How To Make 'Anything Spectacular' (VIDEO)

Ever thought of gutting a fish while wearing a $600 blazer? No?

Well, for fall, Smythe is showing us how to make 'anything spectacular' with a series of videos featuring a beautiful model doing some outdoors-y activities. Whether she's gutting a fish or chopping wood, she's doing it wearing one of their fantastic jackets.

Smythe is, of course, the Canadian design company that sky-rocketed to international fame because of Kate Middleton -- the Duchess of Cambridge wore her navy Smythe blazer throughout the Olympics and during her first international tour.

Now, we doubt we'll ever see Kate Middleton gutting a fish in her outerwear (it's far too precious!), but these videos are a gentle reminder to look good no matter what you're doing!

Here's the second video in the series.

Check out some of the Duchess of Cambridge's Olympic looks below (including her donning her favourite Smythe blazer)

Style Lessons From Kate Middleton