09/13/2012 04:02 EDT | Updated 11/13/2012 05:12 EST

Jeremy Scott keeps bad-boy reputation intact with runway show featuring mini-machine-guns

NEW YORK, N.Y. - If you think your wardrobe for next spring is complete, think again. You may have floral prints galore in your closet, but who couldn't use a slew of bright metallic machine-guns hanging from a nice black tank top?

Yep, machine-guns. Jeremy Scott, the happily outrageous bad boy of fashion, did not disappoint his fans at his Spring/Summer 2013 preview on Wednesday.

And they were a lively bunch: The packed show at Milk Studios on Manhattan's far west side included Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, Adam Lambert and the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

To explain the gun imagery, one should know that the show was loosely based on the Arab Spring. But as always with Scott, the Missouri-born designer who made his name with unique and outrageous shows in Paris and has become a celebrity darling since then, it was quite a mix.

"I kept hearing about the Arab Spring in the news," he said backstage. "I wanted to use it — the desert, the colours. But also I wanted to mix some elements of Harlem in there too. And there was an element of Rihanna, whom I've dressed."

There was a lot of black and a lot of gold, though a sky blue also appeared in the form of snakeskin leather — for the ladies, in a pencil skirt, a two piece-swimsuit paired with thigh-high boots, a baseball-type shirt (with only high boots but no bottoms) and baseball cap; for the guys, in skintight pants with matching bomber jacket.

Prints included what looked like a burning-flame motif. And there was plenty of crocodile leather — in swimsuit and thigh-high boots again, and loose athletic shorts. There were utility-type vests with pockets — for cameras? Ammo? There were some pretty harem pants for the girls, and a number of veils, too, in keeping with the Mideast theme. And printed skirts and scarves for both genders, some with Scott's name and logo on them.

Other striking moments: A swimsuit/bodysuit with a huge face decorating the entire surface, and a long black crochet dress, leaving nothing to the imagination.

But it was Scott's hyperactive imagination, of course, that drove the show. He's not for everyone, but his fans seemed very satisfied.