09/14/2012 06:19 EDT | Updated 11/14/2012 05:12 EST

Calgary Zoo Gorillas Fascinated By Caterpillar (VIDEO)

Calgary Zoo

Gorilla, meet caterpilla.

Exactly that happened this summer when a group of inquisitive primates at the Calgary Zoo discovered a fuzzy, yellow insect climbing up the cage of their enclosure.

In a hilarious and adorable video from the Calgary Zoo, we see several gorillas taking a keen interest in a caterpillar making its way along enclosure's orange cage.

As the video opens, a small, black-haired gorilla intensely studies the caterpillar making its way up the cage. A larger, more hairy gorilla, appears from behind and pushes his way in to see what the fuss is about. At about 13 seconds the small gorilla pops back in view, making an attempt regain her spot, but is quickly pushed away by the larger gorilla. We could have swore we heard him say 'Back off. This my caterpillar, fool."

The whole time watching the video, we were sure we'd see one of the gorillas pluck the caterpillar off the cage and eat it, but no such luck - gorillas are herbivores.

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