09/14/2012 08:27 EDT | Updated 09/14/2012 08:29 EDT

Saturday Night Live: SNL's Best Musical Moments


On Saturday, the 38th (!) season of Saturday Night Live premieres, bringing with it the possibility of several musical sketches that we will cherish for, like, ever, even despite the departure of Andy Samberg, SNL's ex-resident music-making Lonely Islander.

But before this ship sets sail, let's take a walk down memory lane -- just picture Wayne and Garth doing that "doodle-oodle-oo" flashback thing -- to commemorate our 10 favourite musical moments in Saturday Night Live history.

From Michael Bolton to Beyonce to that brilliant, behind-the-scenes viral clip involving Taran Killam and Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend," these are the numbers that will forever replay in our hearts and minds -- or at least on our iPhones and laptops. Same-same.

Live...from The Huffington Post it's SNL's best music sketches! (cue cheers, and roll fake commercial).

SNL's Best Music Sketches

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