09/17/2012 05:00 EDT

Candice Hoeppner Changes Name To Candice Bergen (VIDEO)

Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner has changed her name to Candice Bergen.

The member for Portage—Lisgar, Man., announced the decision to go back to using the surname she was given at birth in the House of Commons on Monday. Her parliamentary profile page already reflects the change.

Bergen made it clear she is well aware of the likelihood that the change will result in a marked increase in Murphy Brown jokes. "If you hear on the Hill that Candice Bergen is here, it's not Murphy Brown people will be referring to — it will be me," Bergen quipped.

Bergen now once again shares a name with the actress Candice Bergen, perhaps best known for her role as a journalist and anchor on the U.S. sitcom "Murphy Brown."

Bergen did not explain the reason for the new name, but referenced the Bergen family's long history in her riding and pledged that the change will not alter her commitment to serve constituents.

As of 2011, Bergen was listed by CBC as being married to David Hoeppner. Her office would not confirm whether the name change is related to a change in marital status.

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