09/19/2012 12:20 EDT

Gangnam Style Dance Classes Offered In Richmond

It's that song and dance that you can't get away from, so you might as well join in. A Richmond fitness studio is now offering gangnam-style classes.

Sunberry Fitness studio put up posters around the Vancouver suburb advertising the chance to dance crazy-horse style just like in the video by Korean pop artist Psy.

Manager Nancy Lin told The Huffington Post B.C. that there was so much demand she's had to add a second class.

"Lisa (Kirby), the instructor, she's usually really on top of the latest trend, and is personally a big fan of the song," Lin said. "We pretty much let our instructors include whatever they want in the class."

Lin said the cardio dance fitness class that includes the gangnam style steps generally appeals to a younger, 20 to 30-something demographic. But women in their 50s have been signing up because they saw Britney Spears learn the dance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Lin says students not only bust out the horse-ride move that Psy shows off in the video, but also groove to "Wondergirl," a hit song by Korean artists Wonder Girls.

Gangnam is actually an affluent district in Seoul, and Psy uses "gangnam style" to refer to the envy created by wealthy people who live there.