09/18/2012 09:21 EDT | Updated 11/18/2012 05:12 EST

Edmonton Teacher Fired For Giving Zeros Gets New Job


The Edmonton teacher who was fired for giving his students zeros has got a new job at a local private school.

Lynden Dorval, a former physics teacher at Ross Sheppard High School, was suspended in May for giving students zeros for work that wasn't handed in or tests not taken.

That method went against the school's policy of not awarding zeros and on Friday Dorval found out he was fired.

However, less than one week after his termination, Dorval has been offered a new job at Tempo School.

Peter Mitchell, head of Tempo School, says he had been looking for an advanced placement physics teacher and noticed Dorval’s passion for teaching during the public battle with the school board.

“I had been following Lynden’s case through the papers and realized I know a teacher who’s looking for work,” Mitchell said.

He added that he values Dorval’s decades of experience.

“It's certainly vindication that giving zeros is the right approach,” Dorval said in regards to his recent hire.

"Teaching higher level physics is a dream because the students are very wonderful, insightful kids to teach,” Dorval said.

Allowed to give zeros

The job is a part-time position, which Dorval was looking for in order to ease into retirement after 35 years of teaching.

At his new school Dorval will be allowed to award zeros.

"Our evaluation policy is generally left up to the teachers,” Mitchell said. “I think students here wouldn't be surprised to get a zero if they didn't do their work."

The new job starts Oct. 16, which is the day after his termination from Ross Sheppard School becomes official. He would not be able to start before that unless Tempo can work out some legal details before then and officially hire Dorval sooner.

Dorval added that his battle with the Edmonton Public School Board isn’t over, but that he is talking to a lawyer and plans to appeal his termination ruling.

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