09/18/2012 10:14 EDT | Updated 11/18/2012 05:12 EST

Yunel Escobar Homophobic Slur: Pride Toronto Director Kevin Beaulieu Responds With Rainbow Cheeks

The clamorous reaction to Blue Jay Yunel Escobar's eye-black slur is still going strong, fuelled by Tuesday's press conference that saw the shortstop get suspended.

Escobar apologized for writing "You're a faggot" in Spanish on his cheeks during a baseball game, but also said it was "just a joke" and common phrase among athletes.

"I don't have anything against homosexuals. I have friends who are gay," he said in Spanish, later adding, "The person who decorates my house is gay, the person who does my hair is gay."

He has been suspended for three games and will undergo sensitivity training. The salary from his missed games will go to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups.

Among calls for him to lose his job and to wise up to Toronto's liberal attitudes, a prominent member of the city's LGBT community had a more subtle approach.

Kevin Beaulieu, executive director of Pride Toronto, responded with a quiet, but powerful statement:

"It's very easy: temporary tattoos, scissors, and water," he said on Facebook.

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