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Edmonton Child On Life Support: Public Reaction To Child Abuse Allegations And Religious Claims


The story of baby M - an Edmonton child on life support - has garnered a strong, and sometimes vile, public response from the time that it was speculated the child, who doctors say is brain dead, was put in that state by her own parents.

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Reaction by our readers and by those following the case on Twitter has been one of extreme anger, confusion and even heartbreak.

“No one should have to die small alone and in the sterile arms of a hospital bed,” commented Liz Wilson.

The case was made the more polarizing when the parents, who are both charged with aggravated assault, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and failing to provide the necessities of life — charges that could be upgraded if the girl dies - claimed religious rights in their attempt to have the twin pulled off life support.

"Poor little soul. I truly hope that her nervous system has shut down to the point that she is incapable of feeling pain.

"As for her parents: Pah. Ugh. They're claiming it's against their religion. If the allegations against them are true, it's obviously against their religion to treat their children decently," said Juanne Michaud on our comments board.

Dana Sharp-McLean expressed empathy for those making the life-ending call.

"What an awful decision to have to make. I hope the child's end is peaceful," she said on a Facebook post.

@cassandranav's reaction on Twitter was similar..

We caution that some of the language in some of the slides below is of an extreme and adult nature.

Edmonton Child On Life Support - REACTION

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