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Get Wavy Hair: We Put Oribe's Apres Beach Wave And Shine Spray To The Test


At some point, we've all purchased something whose results were, er, questionable, and didn't live up to our expectations or deliver the results we were so boldly promised. But no more! For the sake of you and your hard-earned money, The Huffington Post Canada Style team is putting the latest products to the test every week.

Testing: Oribe's Apres Beach Wave And Shine Spray available at Donato Salon + Spa

Testing Period: Daily

Tested By: Sarah Kelsey, Editor, Style

Price: From $19.50

What It Is: A year-round texturizing spray for tousled, beach-inspired waves.

How To: Shake. Spray on wet or dry hair. Tousle and let dry.

What We Thought: I've always wanted what I can't have: curly hair. Sure, there's a bit of a wave to my brown locks, but they're a far cry from my dream 'do (Keri Russel's hair in 'Felicity'). When I ran across this spray at a press event, I knew I had to try it. Wavy locks with little more effort than brushing my hair? I'm in!

And you know what? It worked. Really, really well. The spray created waves that looked as fresh in the p.m. as they did in the a.m. And my locks never looked like I had applied mounds of product to create the faux curls (i.e. hard and crusty). While the scent of the product left something to be desired, it was a small price to pay for awesomely wavy strands.

The Downfalls: The spray worked best (or I found it it did) on the hottest, most humid days (which isn't a reality given I live in Toronto and our climate rarely imitates the south of France's). That said, I was able to get beachy waves on the coolest of days by using a little more product.

Tips: Apply the spray the second you step out of the shower. Once your hair starts to dry, the curls won't hold as well.

Final Remarks: Surf the faux waves this spray gives hair.

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