09/21/2012 11:11 EDT

Alzheimer's And Facebook: Site Shows People How The Disease Feels (WATCH)

Many of us have heard of and even experienced the frightening effects that those living with Alzheimer's have to contend with every day, losing their memories of how to do the most basic things, and even forgetting their family members' names.

September 21, 2012 has been designated World Alzheimer's Day, and Facebook has taken a bold step in its approach to marking the importance of the day — the site is inviting users to download an app that will erase their timelines for the day in an attempt to sympathize with those who can no longer recall their memories, reports

Almost 36 million people are believed to be suffering from Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia worldwide, and that number is only set to increase as the population continues to age.

The app can be downloaded at, and users are assured that all will be returned to normal the next day — and hopefully, donations generated by the campaign will ensure they can help others keep their memories forever.