09/21/2012 06:49 EDT | Updated 09/21/2012 07:49 EDT

Jason Kenney Sleeping? Minister Denies He Took Nap At Lougheed Memorial (VIDEO)

Was Jason Kenney caught on video sleeping during former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed's service in Calgary on Friday?

A packed crowd at Calgary's Jubilee Auditorium laughed, cried and cheered as Lougheed was remembered in front of colleagues, friends and family but CPAC video on YouTube seems to show that the Tory cabinet minister may have opted for a more subdued approach.

But that's not so says the senior cabinet minister and Tory strategist, who answered the charges by saying he was busy returning messages on his Blackberry.

Kenney is an outspoken, shrewd and sometimes confrontational politician but it was he who found himself at the receiving end of the confrontation on Friday, as tweets about the alleged nap started making the rounds in cyberspace.

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Jason Kenny Sleeping?

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