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Motion 312 Mocked In 'Mysterious Female Uterus' (VIDEO)

The political debate over abortion in Canada has been serious business over the last few months, but a new video is giving a lighter take on Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth's Motion 312 proposing study on the definition of human life.

Titled "THREAT TO CANADA: The Mysterious Female Uterus," the YouTube video uses the style of a 1950s educational film to skewer Woodworth's motion, which will be up for vote on Wednesday.

"Already Uteri occupy nearly 1/4 of the seats of Parliament. Imagine the danger were it to exercise free will," the narrator states. "Thankfully, vigilant Parliamentarian Stephen Woodworth is on the case. Dr. Woodworth [*not a doctor at all] wants to reopen the uterus file and probe the depths of its scientific mystery."

"Just imagine the decisions that could come from their findings. New definitions, new laws and a new era of safety from the uterine menace."


Woodworth's motion calls for the formation of a committee to examine the latest scientific evidence on when human life begins. The Criminal Code currently states that life starts at the moment of complete birth.

The video was made by Heather Libby, managing editor of the climate change activism website TckTckTck.org, and Kai Nagata, a former CTV journalist who made a splash last year after posting a blog about why he quit his job. Libby and Negata have both blogged for The Huffington Post Canada.

Libby said she was filled with "seething anger and frustration" when she found out about the vote on Motion 312.

"Since Woodworth's motion seems firmly rooted in the fear-crazed 1950s, we thought it made sense to honour his legislative aesthetic with a retro educational filmstrip," Libby said. "After all, he seems determined to take us back there."

As for how the Conservatives have handled the motion, Nagata said the party is pretending Woodworth is a "lone wolf acting of his own accord."

The new video comes as Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, widely thought to be a top contender to take over the Conservative leadership some day, said he will vote for the motion. "I think we can have a respectful debate on this question and, like I said, the big tradition of all parties in government is to allow a free vote on questions of conscience," Kenney said, according to Postmedia.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said he will vote against the motion and even Woodworth has admitted it is unlikely to pass.

Some NDP and Liberal MPs have argued the motion is being used by the Tories to reopen the debate on abortion law in Canada.

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