09/24/2012 11:29 EDT | Updated 09/24/2018 09:25 EDT

Roberto Cavalli trades extravagance for elegance in next summer's clothes at Milan preview

MILAN - Roberto Cavalli closed the door on Milan Fashion Week with a show that had little to do with his trademark sexpot hype.

The Florentine designer's 2013 spring-summer collection, presented Monday, opened with a series of white outfits combining chiffon with leather cut like lace, which set an elegant pace for the rest of the show.

White leather-lace pants fit tightly but looked classy, not trashy.

The show also presented a series of outfits in delicately printed silk, pairing wide trousers or ladylike skirts with an extra-long jacket in the same print. The floral (usually jungle) prints came in pale green, pink, and apricot and at times were mixed with spotted and striped animal prints. Still the effect was serene, rather than the usual sexual aggression evoked by jungle references.

There was serenity, too, in a series of negligee-inspired dresses. Despite their lacy embroidery and enticingly innocent styles, the models walking down the runway never crossed the line between sexy and vulgar.

Like many designers this round of 'moda Milanese,' Cavalli left the hemline issue to the client, offering everything from mini to floor-length, with a ladylike entry just below the knee.

Nighttime at Cavalli had the usual daringly cutout chiffon gowns, this round in mainly black, but dotted in sparkling sequins for a soft midnight glow.

To go with this newly discovered elegance, Cavalli's models wore their hair long and loose, with makeup that highlighted the eyes. High-heeled strappy sandals, ornate animal motif jewelry and clutch bags in material that matched the pattern of the clothes accessorized most of the outfits.

Gracing the front row of Cavalli's show was British actress Elizabeth Hurley, who in the 1990s gained fashion fame by wearing a black Versace gown held together by nothing more than golden safety pins to the premiere of "Four Weddings and a Funeral," starring her then-companion Hugh Grant.

The show brought six days of 2013 previews in Milan to a close.