09/24/2012 06:43 EDT | Updated 11/24/2012 05:12 EST

Scott Mervin Pylypow Charged In University Of Lethbridge Sex Attack On Sleeping Student In Dorm

Description The Students' Union (SU) building at the University of Lethbridge. Taken just east of the building in the early morning. | ...

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - Police in southern Alberta have charged a man with sexually assaulting a female student while she slept in her room in student residence.

It happened at the University of Lethbridge on Sunday morning.

Lethbridge police say a male student who lived in student residence and his male friend were in a dorm room socializing, then the friend left the room

It's alleged the friend entered a bedroom where a 19-year-old woman was sleeping and sexually assaulted her, then left the student residence building.

Police say the two didn't know each other.

Scott Mervin Pylypow, who is 19, is set to appear in court on Oct. 23.

Pylypow has been ordered by the court to not be within 100 metres of University of Lethbridge property and have no contact with the alleged victim.