09/24/2012 03:18 EDT | Updated 09/24/2018 09:25 EDT

Suspect in slammer but Vancouver police still baffled by missing bagpipes

VANCOUVER - Vancouver Police hope a suspect in the recent theft of a set of bagpipes will eventually face the music, but they admit they're still looking for the music.

Investigators say they have arrested the person believed to have stolen a set of Delta Police bagpipes and a pipe band uniform from B.C. Place after the B.C. Lions halftime show.

The theft occurred Sept. 15 and a suspect was identified a short time later, but when he was picked up, he wasn't carrying the large black duffle bag containing the pipes or the uniform.

The missing items have huge sentimental value to both the pipe band and the Delta Police Department and Vancouver officers are pledging to continue the search.

They aren't saying what led them to the suspect but Sgt. Randy Fincham confirms a charge of theft under $5,000 has been laid against Vancouver resident Joel Elliot Nichols.

The 32-year-old remains in custody and is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.