#WeLiveInAGenerationWhere Technology Seems To Have Taken Over

Once we escape our teens, many of us tend to think that those in the younger generation aren't living their lives to the fullest, spending too much time indoors or enjoying music that's simply "awful."

Today, Twitter trending topic #WeLiveInAGenerationWhere gave everyone a reminder of what today's young people are really talking about: Being driven by technology, not being afraid to voice their opinions publicly and distinct views on relationships and sex.

With a mix of tweets ranging from the dependency on cell phones to how texting has taken the place of face-to-face conversations and ringing doorbells, Twitter has seemed to describe a Millennial generation that's more connected than ever.

What do you think? Is this what today's generation really cares about or are these just misconceptions? Let us know in the comments below:

The best of Twitter and #WeLiveInAGenerationWhere: