09/26/2012 03:35 EDT

Office Culture: 10 Office Items That Could Disappear In The Next 5 Years


Just like the dinosaurs, your favourite office supplies may soon become extinct.

How many of you are still relying on your paper business cards or sending out files with your fax machine? A survey conducted by professional networking site LinkedIn revealed that it may be time to finally say goodbye to desktop computers, USB thumb drives and formal business attire.

The survey found that 85 per cent of polled professionals believe the tape recorder will disappear from offices in the next five years. Also, 81 per cent want to ditch the Rolodex (if they haven't already).

And it's no surprise that when it comes to stealing in the office, these items didn't make the cut. A survey by U.S. office supply chain OfficeMax found that the most popular "borrowed" items from peoples' desks included pens, highlighters, sticky-notes and paper clips.

The LinkedIn survey also found that of the polled Canadian professionals (7,000 of them), 55 per cent say tablets are becoming the most popular office tools, while another 54 per cent went with data storing site clould storage and another 16 per cent went with flexible working hours and smartphones.

And what would be on an employee's ultimate wishlist? The survey found that respondents' dream tools included clones, more sunlight and even a mute button for their co-workers.

What do you predict will disappear from offices in the next five years? Let us know in the comments below:

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