09/26/2012 10:14 EDT | Updated 03/11/2013 05:11 EDT

Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible: The 'Project Runway' Host's 10 Tips To Analyze Your Wardrobe And Style


If there's someone out there who knows what will make or break a wardrobe better than Tim Gunn, we want to meet him or her.

Known, most popularly, for his role as a host of Project Runway and Bravo's Tim Gunn's Guide To Style, Gunn has quickly become a mentor to wannabe designers and fashionistas the world over.

And now he's dolling out advice on how we, the "common" folk, can increase the sartorial savviness of our wardrobe in his new book Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible.

"It's rare that people think about what their own clothes signify about their place in the world or their priorities. Clothes are self-expression," says Gunn. "If you have a limited range of outfits -- say, only capri pants and T-shirts -- it's as though you have a limited range of words in your vocabulary."

The book is full of common sense advice on how to dress your best -- from what belt works for your body shape to how to know if your pants fit. Gunn also gives -- what we think is -- one of the best retrospectives of the history of fashion (because you can't know why you're wearing what you are unless you know where it came from).

One of our favourite parts of the book is an appendix at the back where Gunn walks us through culling our closet to ensure it's filled with only the brightest and best pieces. The questions he gives are meant to help readers analyze their wardrobe and style.

"Does anything in your closet need to be cleaned, ironed or mended? If so, take it off the hanger and put it in a pile to launder or tend to. No use keeping it in plain sight until it's actually something you can wear!"

What are the 10 things you should be doing/buying/tossing now to ensure your wardrobe and style stay smart? Read on to find out.

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