09/27/2012 01:27 EDT | Updated 09/28/2012 04:12 EDT

Excavator Amusement Ride Raises Safety Concerns (VIDEO)

A B.C. man's ride attached to the bucket of an excavator is drawing renewed online attention after he posted his original YouTube video to Reddit this week.

The video, which was first posted by user rjw604, in October 2009, shows a man suspended from the bucket of an excavator and then swung around several times to his delight. The worker is wearing a hard hat, construction boots, shorts and a T-shirt.

The clip was posted to Reddit on Wednesday by chevychaser who added the caption, "This is me. The clip even made it on Ellen and I never even got a lousy email." He later states the TV show aired it several years ago.

Other than pointing out how chafing that ride might be, some Reddit and YouTube commenters noted the occupational safety and health hazards in the stunt: "Good thing you're wearing a helmet because those rocks couldn't break your legs or anything," said one sarcastically.

"The harness needs to be secured to a designated tie-off point. You cannot ride on equipment unless there is a designated seat, so the act itself is a violation. You cannot work in the swing-radius of equipment like this. Machinery should only be operated how it was designated for use," added a commenter.

"Looks like fun, however, any heavy equipment operator who would do this needs [to be] banned for life," read another post.

The user who posted the video responded: "This was years ago. Still have all my parts. I was young, dumb, and ... having fun."

Rjw604's other videos show footage from West Vancouver work sites.

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