09/27/2012 08:14 EDT | Updated 09/27/2012 08:18 EDT

Calgary Zoo Hippo 'Ghost' Makes New Friends

Mike Kyffin

The latest addition to the Calgary Zoo, a six year old river hippo nick-named Ghost is making new friends. Not shy with the public, Ghost has been spotted getting a peek of visitors already. Keepers continue to work on introducing the hippos to each other, the Calgary Zoo said.

“Normally animals quarantine in isolation for 30 days, but after careful consideration we have decided it is in the best interests of both hippos to allow an early introduction,” explained Jamie Dorgan, area curator.

Arriving from the Granby Zoo in Quebec, the hippo was affectionately nick named Ghost because of its Oct. 31 birthday, the Calgary Zoo said.

Ghost will move back and forth between the main exhibit pool and the back-of-house holding pool so may not always be in public view, the zoo added.

Watch as Ghost swims around the pool and visitors try to catch a glimpse.

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