09/27/2012 07:52 EDT | Updated 11/27/2012 05:12 EST

Labrador aboriginal group protests proposed Muskrat Falls hydro development

CARTWRIGHT, N.L. - Members of Labrador's NunatuKavut community council are taking action against the proposed Muskrat Falls project.

Members of the council have set up a slowdown area and information picket line on the Trans Labrador Highway near Cartwright Junction.

The group says their aboriginal rights and titles are being "ignored and infringed upon".

Council president Todd Russell says they have four camps set up on the banks of the Paradise River.

He says there are serious concerns about transmission lines going through the community's territory without their consent.

Russell says attempts to enter into formal negotiations with the province and Ottawa have been refused and the council has no other alternative but to take action to protect its rights and land.