09/28/2012 05:22 EDT | Updated 11/28/2012 05:12 EST

Alberta NDP critic pushed for longer-germ municipal planning

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - The Alberta NDP's municipal affairs critic says the province needs a better long-term funding model for towns and cities.

Speaking in Lethbridge, Deron Bilous (BILL'-uss) said the Conservative government isn't willing to commit to any longer than a three-year deal.

Bilous said that's not good enough for true long-range planning.

He said local governments need revenue sources that are not vulnerable to budget cuts every year.

Bilous suggested there would be more than enough money for future projects if the government collected more royalties.

He also said a different tax system would help.

"If the government collected a competitive rate for royalties, charged a competitive tax system, we'd have more than enough dollars coming in where they could allocate for the long term," the New Democrat said Friday.

"Municipalities need to know that they have long-term predictable funding in order to plan projects, especially infrastructure projects."