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Beef Recall: XL Foods' Licence Suspended Over E-Coli Concerns

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has suspended the operating licence of XL Foods' Lakeside plant, the Alberta facility whose ground beef products have resulted in at least eight recall alerts due to E. coli concerns.

The temporary suspension is effective immediately, reported the Calgary Herald on Thursday night. All the products in the facility are under the government agency's control and will only be released after being tested for E.coli.

XL Foods will not be able to re-open until they've proven it has fully implemented "corrective actions" set out by the CFIA, said Global News.

XL Foods has been "unable to demonstrate it was consistently and effectively implementing its agreed upon control program," tweeted Global reporter Jen Tryon.

Since Sept. 16, the CFIA has warned the public about possible E. coli contamination from XL Foods' ground beef products sold in stores across Canada, including retail giants Real Canadian Super Store, Safeway and Walmart.

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture extended its alert about beef from XL Foods to stores in 30 states, including Walmart, Albertson's and Sam's Club. The alert means the plant is voluntarily recalling its products.

There have been no reported cases of illness related to beef from XL Foods.

Canada revoked the plant's permit to export beef to the U.S. earlier this month at the request of U.S. officials.

XL Foods officials were not immediately available for comment, according to the Canadian Press. The beef processing plant is the largest employer in the town of Brooks, population 13,700.

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