09/28/2012 08:01 EDT

Dream Vacations: Which Destinations Do Canadians Prefer?


Daydreaming about your next getaway? You're not alone — and in fact, you may be fantasizing about the same destination as your next door neighbour.

Canadians are on the same page when it comes to their travel bucket list, according to a new poll. For the second year in a row, Honolulu and the Egyptian pyramids ranked number one as the top city and landmark Canucks want to visit.

The RBC Travel Rewards Poll reveals Canadians consider their budget most when planning a trip, followed by where their family and friends want to go and whether they can get a bargain.

"Canadians love to travel and they dream about going to world-class cities and historic destinations," says Donna Lue-Atkinson, vice-president of Global Loyalty Programs and Rewards for RBC. "The aspiration to travel beyond Canadian borders is certainly there."

The majority of people who belong to a reward program want to put their points toward travel and they'll spend months — even years — saving up to make their dream trip a reality, explains Lue-Atkinson.

"Their research and what they're actually doing goes hand-in-hand," she says, adding Hawaii is the seventh (out of 10) most popular place people book through RBC's travel rewards program. "The ability to use those points to offset your costs is making travel affordable and attainable."

A report from earlier this year found that the United States remains a popular country for Canucks to visit. Atlantic City, Washington, San Francisco and Boston were among the top destinations Canadians planned to explore.

And it appears the trend toward booking online is here to stay. The poll found that the majority of Canadians, or 56 per cent, plan to make their own travel arrangements online while 19 per cent will use a travel agent, 12 per cent will get help by phone and 18 per cent will leave the planning up to a family member or friend.

But Canadians don't plan on being away from home for too long. Forty per cent said a week away is enough while 30 per cent think their next trip will keep them exploring for two to three weeks.

Here's their list of the top cities and landmarks Canadians want to visit. Don't see your dream destination on the list? Let us know in the comments where your wanderlust will take you next:

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