09/29/2012 12:28 EDT | Updated 11/29/2012 05:12 EST

Viktor & Rolf get reflective and play on proportions in in mirrored Paris fashion show

PARIS - Viktor & Rolf were feeling reflective, looking back on almost two decades since founding their fashion house, and that was evident Saturday in their oversized spring-summer ode to 70s pleated glamor.

"We were in a reflective mood..." said Vikor Horsting, one half of the famed Dutch design duo which is approaching its 20th anniversary.

"...We're nearly twenty years old," said the other, Rolf Snoeren, as ever, completing the phrase.

Not ones to normally take things quite so literally, the inseparable Viktor and Rolf channeled mirrors in their oversized spring-summer ode to 70's pleated glamor.

The designers, who founded their Amsterdam-based fashion house in 1993, sent models through a reflective tunnel onto a catwalk wearing mainly black, white and silver ensembles that featured blinding mirror appliques on sumptuous silks.

The collection certainly was bold: Glamor dripped south in bottom-heavy display.

Oversized proportion — a signature mark — produced some hits.

Giant bows in soft pink and purple were used high or low on the waist to sumptuous effect.

But there were some small misses in proportion, too: One tubular floor-length skirt had rose-shaped mirror appliques whose size competed with the model's head.

Still there was plenty to admire, especially in the materials, which were sensual or playful: Densely rouched tulle that graced several pieces felt like spring's answer to fur.


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