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#NewHeritageMinutes: Twitter Offers Ideas For New Heritage Minutes

Remember the Heritage Minutes, those endearing shorts that highlighted dramatic (and sometimes, not so dramatic) moments in Canadian history?

The Historica Dominion Institute, the organization that created the minutes announced that they will be premiering a series of new Heritage Minutes on October 15th.

"After almost a decade, The Historica-Dominion Institute is bringing back its celebrated homage to Canada’s history: The Heritage Minutes," the organization announced on its site.

Canadian Twitter users gave some suggestions using the tag#NewHeritageMinutes.

Everything from "The brief but brilliant career of Moxy Fruvous" to "Doug Ford and the monorail/ferris wheel/whatever that was." Here's a selection. Share your own on Twitter or in the comments:

CORRECTION: We misinterpreted Maclean's reporter Aaron Wherry's tweet that the new Heritage Minutes would be about this year's bicentenary celebration of the War of 1812. According to a story in Maclean's magazine, the new heritage minutes will be two stories about the War Of 1812. We regret the error.

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