10/05/2012 06:56 EDT | Updated 01/03/2013 01:55 EST

Fall Beauty: 5 Must-Have Ways To Add Scent To Your Routine

Canadian Beauty

If you’re lucky enough to be able to handle it, skincare that smells good is wonderful, and there are some brands that are doing it particularly well. Here are five of our favourite latest skincare finds that smell amazing.

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1. Strange Invisible Perfumes has reformulated their body care collection and it’s better than ever. Where there were single note scents before, there are now hydro distilled scent combinations, with the exception of a Bergamot option. The hydro-distillation means that the scents are more pure than ever and each note really shines through. It’s no secret that I love a good rose scent, and the Sage & Rose Bodywash and Lotion do not disappoint. The sage keeps the rose fresh and herbaceous while still letting it shine out. It also keeps the scent from becoming overly powdery and girly which is always nice. The other scents are Bergamot, Lemon and Neroli, Lavender and Vetiver, and Frankincense and Coriander. Body wash retails for $40, while the lotion is $60, both available on

2. Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is the one product that makes me sniff the air and wonder what smells so good! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I just recently started using this and am kind of obsessed with the scent. I want Clarins to start making it as a perfume so I can spritz it wherever I go. It’s one of those scents that is so nice you can’t believe it’s coming from your own skin. Face oils aren’t for everyone (and I already have oily skin), but I use this on my cuticles and hands, and enjoy the herby floral notes from this skincare oil which does double duty as an intense moisturizer.

3. On a totally different note, if you like sweet scents (and I do in moderation), then you need to check out those by Bomb la Bon Bon. This Etsy seller has hand-made bath and body products that are natural and smell really good. The coconut scented whipped body soap goes on like butter and foams without too much effort leaving skin moisturized but without leaving too much of a sweet scent. You get to enjoy your sweets without wearing them, and I think that’s exactly how they should be. Check out the Etsy store to see more!

4. If you’re looking for something more mainstream and in the range of fresh and fruity, you need to check out The Body Shop’s new Vineyard Peach collection. Peach season may just be over, but you can make it last just a bit longer in your own home with their new range of body wash, body butter, and creamy body scrub. The collection is fresh and just makes summer last a little while longer.

5. The final word in moisturizing has to be L’Occitane’s Shea collection, and this fall, the company launches it’s second Shea Butter Collector edition wherein it has limited edition scents of it’s most popular shea butter products. These include the Shea Butter Hand Cream, Lip Balm, Ultra-Rich Body Cream, and Solidarity Soap. The collection is called Shea Butter Fortune Flowers and combines sweet and floral scents from 3 African flowers: Roses, Dates, and Mangoes. The Rose is an obvious stand-out and is fresh and herbacious, the mango is fruity but not sweet (it is a mango flower after all), and the Date Bouquet is an unexpected winner because it reminds you of dates without smelling like them! If you’re into the rose, make sure that you pick up the Solidarity Soap ($3) because 100% of the profits get donated to NGO’s that are improving eye health in the rural communities of developing countries!