10/02/2012 04:01 EDT

Thanksgiving Songs: Guess Who Made SOCAN's List of Canada's Tastiest Tunes?

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Music by Michael Buble, The Guess Who, Murray McLauchlan, Hagood Hardy and k.d. lang has made the list of Canada's five tastiest songs in honor of Thanksgiving on October 8, as selected by SOCAN, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

The list, which SOCAN calls "a good side dish to any meal," features:

In a press release issued earlier today SOCAN also suggests Drake's "Thank Me Later " as a great appetizer to any Thanksgiving meal," and that it's "certain to get the gravy flowing."

We particularly recommend playing "The Practice" for granny to determine if this is true.

SOCAN chose what they did because "these five songs have achieved at least 100,000 domestic radio plays, demonstrating that Canada has a bountiful crop of world-class songwriters. Each song was chosen based on the number of plays it received and its relevance to Thanksgiving by its title or lyrics."

The non-profit organization, which collects fees for music creators and publishers, missed a glorious opportunity to go deeper into the gluttonous world of Canadian food songs, however.

Who can think of leftover turkey sandwiches without humming Fred Penner's "Sandwiches"? Meanwhile, rapper More or Les' new Mastication album is entirely about food, and features the appropriate song "Consumption" about gorging yourself. If that doesn't get you thinking about food, there's the entire Nickelback catalog -- it works well as a surrogate cheese plate.

Got a song you think deserves to be considered a Canadian Thanksgiving classic? Hit the comment section below.