10/03/2012 02:34 EDT | Updated 10/03/2012 02:38 EDT

Calgary's First Snow Of The Season (TWEETS)


It snowed today in Calgary. It's October 3rd. Too soon? Well, maybe, considering just three days ago it was 24 degrees and we were lounging in our shorts.

But if there is one certainty in Alberta, it's that our weather can be extremely unpredictable, and snow can appear during any month of the year.

And if there is one certainty, anywhere, it's that people will always freak out a little bit when the first flurries of the season are spotted.

Here are the six things Calgarians are certain to say when coping (or not coping whatsoever) with the first (teeny, tiny) snowfall of the season.

There are those who rejoice:

"It's the most wonderful timeeee of the yearrr!!" tweets Paige (@PayG_P).

Suzi (@liljoy79) shares a similar sentiment with her tweet "Love Love Love the snow !!! #yyc"

And those who lament:

Like Curtis Mah (@CURTMAH) who minces no words with a "kiss my ass."

The fashionistas are excited for a wardrobe change:

"First snow of the year in #yyc! Parkas, toques, and mitts here we come!" tweets Casey K (@CaseyK_PR)

Sonia Maria (@sonia_couture88) is looking forward to the heavier fashions the cooler temperatures bring, as well.

There are those who we assume are channeling their snow rage back on their fellow Twitter users:

Like Andrea Boucher (@Tattooed403) who reminded Calgarians "Ok people, it's just a bit of snow... I'm pretty sure you've seen it falling before. You know living in this City, that it happens..."

Or Randie Anderson's (@randieanderson) astute observation that we do not live in a tropical locale (duh.)

And those who have no faith in Calgary drivers, whatsoever:

"Have a feeling everyone's going to driving like a dick at the first sign of snow," tweeted Eric S. (@erictiptaptip.)

"Get over it and don't drive like an idiot," advises Sundus (@Sun_Khan11.)

Brittany Gilmour (@Bgilmour_13) is actually embarrassed by drivers in Calgary, tweeting "Snow falling and apparently everyone in #yyc forgets how to drive."

And, inevitably, you have the wiseacres:

"Snow? What snow?" tweeted not one but two people this morning.

But, K.J. McCauley (@kjmccauley) wins the tweet of the first snowfall. From a snow-free Edmonton, he tweeted "Snow in #yyc. To quote Nelson from The Simpsons: "ha ha"."

Calgary, however, gets the last laugh. Not only do they have Chinooks, but their weekend will be warmer, according to Environment Canada.