10/03/2012 01:37 EDT | Updated 12/03/2012 05:12 EST

Master of the va-va-voom, Elie Saab, taps into prints in a more adventurous collection

PARIS - Elie Saab, master of the va-va-voom silhouette, broke out of his strict mould for his spring-summer 2013 show in Paris.

The Lebanese designer must have been feeling in an adventurous mood: He dabbled in graphic details and floral prints in Wednesday's show.

But never fear, his bread-and-butter traffic stopping dresses and sequins were still there — in cerulean blue and vermilion. After all, it's what his buyers — and celebrity wearers, such as singer Taylor Swift on the front row — expect and love.

But the palette this season was updated to include a beautiful cobalt, which, in turn, exploded into fluorescent colour prints on gowns — some full length, others above the knee — that fluttered by in silk muslin.

Saab included the odd peplum and some '90s looks with black-and-white geometric lines.

The catwalk set of graphic angular moon rocks signalled to fashion insiders even before the show started that Saab would move in this direction.

Unfortunately, one attendee didn't pick up on the visual props and tripped head over heels.


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