10/03/2012 12:57 EDT

Vacation Sex Outside The Hotel Preferred By HUGE Number Of Canadian Women (INFOGRAPHIC)


Sex on a beach may be a popular cocktail, but it's also the top fantasy of Canadian women on vacation, according to a recent survey.

Trip Central's "Sex Outside The Hotel Room Study" found that 43 per cent of Canadian women ages 18 to 60 have had sex outside their hotel room while on vacation, ranging from places like on a hotel balcony to hot tubs to hammocks. If you weren't packing your sanitizers before, now might be the time, folks.

The study, conducted by Ipsos Reid, surveyed just over a 1000 women from across Canada, zeroing in on women who were in some sort of a relationship at the time and had travelled outside of Canada by plane in the last three years for a vacation.

The results aren't too shocking given what some front-line travel agents have seen in their line of work, says Richard Vanderlubbe, Trip Central's President.

"I've always felt an undercurrent of romantic motivation being a key driver to the vacation travel purchase. We know that women initiate and lead vacation travel planning more than men," said Vanderlubbe who first started out as a travel agent.

While four out of 10 women are trading in that king-sized hotel bed for a love nest that's more risqué, there remains a discrepancy between women's fantasies and their realities. Despite a majority (54 per cent) of the women surveyed saying they've fantasized about getting intimate outside the hotel room, 57 per cent of the women say they haven't had sex anywhere outside of their hotel room.

The difference in the fantasizers and those with a preference for less... conventional love-making venues is also apparent in the survey's top three places for sex. Sex on a boat took third place, with one out of five women saying it was their fantasy, compared to the 10 per cent who had actually done it.

A quarter of the women surveyed said getting intimate in the ocean was their fantasy, but only 15 per cent have gone through with it while on vacay. And taking top honours as Canadian women's venue of choice was the beach, with 35 per cent fantasizing about it and 20 per cent having experienced it.

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