10/04/2012 02:09 EDT | Updated 12/04/2012 05:12 EST

Bill proposes to close red-light loophole in Ontario for out-of-province drivers

TORONTO - An Ontario politician is trying to close a loophole that allows out-of-province vehicles caught running red lights to avoid fines in Ontario.

Yasir Naqvi, who is also president of the Liberal party, has introduced a private member's bill that would allow municipalities to ticket out-of-province vehicles that are caught on red-light cameras.

He says the current law doesn't include mailing offence notices to non-Ontario addresses, even if there is an existing agreement in place to access licence plate information from other jurisdictions.

If passed, Naqvi says municipalities will be able to issue tickets to drivers with non-Ontario plates, using information supplied by a government of another province or state.

The Ottawa MPP introduced the legislation in response to complaints in his city about non-Ontario drivers who aren't punished for breaking the law.

However, private member's bills rarely become law without the backing of the government.