10/04/2012 04:11 EDT

Travel Photobombs: A Roundup Of The Funniest Snapshots Taken On Vacation

Allison Burley

Vacations and cameras go together like all-inclusive resorts and umbrella drinks.

People cherish the time off from their regular lives, and in most cases will carefully document each moment of the trip for a couple of reasons — first of all, they want to treasure the memories forever. And then there's the real motive: They want to make their Facebook friends jealous.

You know the type. We're talking about the people who post a picture of nothing but their perfectly manicured feet on a beach chair with crystal blue water in the background. To add insult to injury for the suckers back home, the so-called "friend" will describe said picture as "true bliss."

Luckily, not all travel photos are that staged. Every once in a while, something goes awry and tourists are left with a photograph that was "bombed" by a friend, family member or in the best possible scenario, a total stranger or animal.

Such was the case for three young women who were on vacation in the Cayman Islands. Sarah Bourland, Natalie Zaysoff and Kendall Harlan were visiting Stingray Island and happily posed for a picture in the water. Then the photographer reportedly placed a stingray on their backs, and their horrified reactions, contrasted with the stingray's smiling face, sent the picture viral.

But it didn't happen right away. The three women told The Huffington Post that they'd been trying to get the photo on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for five years to no avail. The picture was put up on image sharing sites Imgur and Reddit late last month, and quickly made its way across all the social networks.

The photo's popularity took Bourland by surprise. "I had no idea that this photo was going to become so huge," she wrote in an email to HuffPost Travel. "People then started sending me memes of the photo and that's when it hit me, I have reached meme status in my life! How many people can say that?!"

Here's our roundup of the funniest travel photobombs we've found. Did you get photobombed on a trip? We want to see it. You can upload it using our tool.

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