10/05/2012 05:22 EDT | Updated 10/05/2012 06:07 EDT

Ron Bradley Edmonton Principal Of 'No-Zero' Fame Leaves Job At Ross Sheppard High School


The principal of the Edmonton school that had a 'no-zero' policy, announced that he is leaving his job at Ross Sheppard High School.

In a letter posted on the school's website, Ron Bradley said, "It is with mixed emotions that I inform you I will be leaving my principalship."

Bradley will be taking a position of Supervisor of Leadership Development, with the Human Resources department at Edmonton Public Schools.

Mike Suderman has been appointed the new principal at the school.

The school came under fire when Lynden Dorval, a physics and science teacher, was fired for giving his students zeros for work that was not handed in or missed tests. The school had a strict "no-zeros" policy, which led to Doryal getting suspended and subsequently fired.

The high school's policy preferred that teachers give an incomplete on assignments instead for work that was not done and Dorval refused to follow it.

The teacher now has a new job with a local school.

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