10/09/2012 03:11 EDT

Disney Princesses: Disney Encourages Today's Princesses To Be Brave And Strong

Step away from the crown and pink frock, there's a new princess in town.

Most of us can say they know a child who reigns as the princess of their home, but classic Disney princesses like Snow White or Princess Jasmine aren't facing competition. Instead, Disney's new video "I Am A Princess," wants young girls to know that being a princess today means being brave, loyal, trustworthy and compassionate.

The video features young girls who aren't quite wearing crowns: There's a surfer, a gymnast, gardeners and a science whiz who are self-acclaimed "princesses" in their own communities. It's an attempt to take back the term that's become associated with frilly pink dresses and fawning over princes, by the company that made it so.

Commenters, however, have mixed views. "Making animated shows and movies where girls are at least 50 per cent of the characters would do a lot more for girls than a million of these short affirmations," said YouTube user Dan Dan. Meanwhile, others like user Jim Gibbons tended to be on the side of the video, writing, "Beauty is not about looks. It is about who you are as a person. My four daughters are princesses as described here."

Disney may be encouraging young girls to be more compassionate and brave, but are prior princesses really role models? Writer Peggy Orenstein says raising a young daughter is about boosting self-confidence in a world of magic wands and tiaras, according to The Daily Beast. The publication adds, "Yes, she’s talking about the princess complex — the little-girl love affair that starts with Cinderella and ends with sheets and toothbrushes and cups and tiaras and home décor and pint-size wedding gowns and myriad other products."

But for now, Disney wants you and your daughter to know that being scared and making mistakes is all part of being a princess today. What do you think? Will these videos encourage young girls to look past the wands and dresses? Let us know in the comments below:

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