10/09/2012 10:54 EDT | Updated 10/10/2012 03:16 EDT

Most Promiscuous Canadian Cities For Sugar Daddies: Victoria, Ottawa, Edmonton Top The List


If you're wondering what the most promiscuous cities in Canada are, brings you closer to the answer. The dating website conducted a study to find which cities in Canada boast the most promiscuous (and wealthy) men.

The city to top the list was Victoria (maybe the beautiful landscape had something to do with it), followed closely by the nation's capital Ottawa and Alberta's very own capital Edmonton.

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Most Promiscuous Canadian Cities For Sugar Daddies..

Cities are ranked based on the percentage of 'Sugar Daddies' who reported having more than seven sexual partners per year, according to a release by

But wait... there's more. Guess which cities made it to the bottom of the list? The least promiscuous perhaps? You may be very surprised by the answers.

Drum roll please.. the Canadian cities with the least promiscuous men are:

Least Promiscuous Canadian Cities For Sugar Daddies