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NDP Attack Ad Targets Conservative 'Lying Liars' (VIDEO)

However, as at least one Twitter user has pointed out, the real target audience may be speed readers.

The commercial features a series of quotations from media columns suggesting the Conservatives are dishonest. However, the text snippets flip by so fast it's often difficult to read them.

The spot finishes up with the slogan "Canadians Deserve Better," followed by 18 seconds of the NDP logo. The end of the ad really makes you wonder why the NDP couldn't have given those text slides a little more space.

The soundtrack? Circus music. The reason? Unknown.

It seems this is an online only ad, and that's probably a good thing because unless you have a PVR that allows you to pause you're likely to miss the message.

The NDP press release for the ad, as well as the social media push, uses the phrase "How stupid do they think you are?" The release also argues Conservatives are resorting to falsehoods because "Stephen Harper is desperate" and the party is "counting on you not to check the facts."

Well, I checked on at least one fact in the ad.

The spot quotes a recent piece by Andrew Coyne in the National Post in which he writes "the Harper Conservatives did not invent dumb, dishonest, attack-dog politics — though they may have perfected it."

While the NDP quotes Coyne correctly, they definitely take him out of context. The message of the column is that the very nature of politics encourages dishonesty. The NDP spot also fails to mention that in the very same column Coyne argues the NDP have lied too, about their cap and trade policy specifically.

A poll found many viewers thought both ads were deceiving. Perhaps that's why the NDP decided to focus on just that angle in their new spot.

Will the strategy work? Only the speed readers know.

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