10/10/2012 01:03 EDT | Updated 10/10/2012 01:23 EDT

Albertans Most Likely To Be Debt-Free: RBC Poll


Albertans are most likely to say they are debt-free, than Canadians living in any other parts of the country, according to the latest RBC Debt Poll.

According to the survey, 36% of Albertans are likely to say they are debt free – not including mortgage debt – this year, compared to only 22% last year. The average of consumers across Canada who made the same claim in 2012 was only 26%.

"Many Canadians have some level of comfort with their personal debt, but the very personal nature of carrying debt can often stir up mixed emotions," explained Richard Goyder, vice-president of personal lending, RBC.

"It's encouraging that the results show more Canadians have become debt-free over the past year and that those who still have debt want to do more to reduce it."

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Albertans' Personal Debt (TWITTER React)

Albertans also did well this year in the amount of debt they carry. While last year, the average Albertan carried $19,282 in debt, making them the highest owing geographical area in the country, that amount this year is down to $14,881, effectively relinquishing the title of Canadians who owe the most to consumers in Ontario.

The average consumer debt in Ontario this year is reportedly $15,361.

Albertans seem to be doing well in the debt slaying department but conservative spending habits still lag behind the national average, the RBC survey shows.

“Due to concern about their personal debt situation, 10 per cent of Albertans have postponed purchasing a big-ticket item (national: 19 per cent) and 20 per cent have postponed taking a vacation (national: 26 per cent).”

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