10/10/2012 09:28 EDT

Rick Mercer Mocks Rob Anders (VIDEO)

Rick Mercer has joined the chorus of voices denouncing Rob Anders.

Tuesday night on the "Rick Mercer Report," the CBC comedian attacked the sleepy Tory MP for his petition questioning a new bill to expand rights for transgender people and for suggesting NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair helped "hasten" Jack Layton's death.

"I don't think the naps are helping this guy. Who would have thought the whole Mulcair sped up Jack Layton's death would not be the stupidest thing he said last week," Mercer joked. "Anders declined an interview with the CBC, saying 'I'm busy out in the shed working on a real doozy for next week'"

While Anders apologized for his statements about Mulcair and Layton, he has not backed down from his petition targeting transgender people using the bathroom of the gender they identify with. Anders went on Sun News late last week and doubled down on his petition in an interview with Brian Lilley.

While it may seem too soon for Anders to put his foot in his mouth again, from the looks of the MP's verbal resume Mercer may be right about his plan to cook up a fresh doozy. Check out some of Anders' most notable gaffes in the slideshow below.

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