10/10/2012 10:59 EDT

Unique Beauty: 7 Models With Unconventional (And Lucrative) Looks (PHOTOS)

They say what makes you different makes you beautiful. Here are seven models with so-called "imperfections" that have actually catapulted them into fame.

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Kristy Hinze

She is sometimes referred to as "The Hinze Nose," which is pretty cruel -- except that she’s drying her tears with her money.

Lauren Hutton

The gap seen around the world helped to launch Lauren’s career in the 70s. It’s a good thing she never got it fixed!

Masha Tyelna

The eyes have it! Although large peepers are generally seen as a beauty trait, Masha’s are other-wordly.

Stacey McKenzie

The first time anyone said Stacey was beautiful was in Paris—and it was superstar designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

Omahyra Mota

Androgyny is actually a highly-coveted trait in high fashion, as Omahyra knows as she’s been a top model for years.

Lindsey Wixson

Lindsey’s unconventional beauty is quite arresting–large teeth (and there’s that gap again!) framed by bee stung, rosebud lips and a serious dimple in her chin. It’s more about the sum of her parts than any individual trait.

Anjelica Huston

Despite hearing that she would never grow up to be a great beauty, the famous actress actually began her career as a model working with such famous names as Richard Avedon and Bob Richardson.

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