10/10/2012 07:17 EDT | Updated 10/11/2012 09:06 EDT

'World's Toughest Cat' Meme Praises Vancouver Island Feline


A Vancouver Island cat shot by a crossbow has achieved Internet longevity with a new meme. Ozzy the cat has been christened the "World's Toughest Cat" on popular social sharing site Reddit.

After disappearing for several days, the 11-year-old family cat returned home to Langford with a 40-centimetre arrow sticking out of its neck Saturday.

Ozzy is recovering and the Internet is recognizing the animal's resilience.

A thread titled "World's Toughest Cat is no bitch" popped up on Reddit and received 1526 up votes as of Wednesday.

"Those black and white tuxedo cats are always the bad asses," posted Reddit user Nerobus.

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'World's Toughest Cat' Meme

"Arrow? This is a piercing?" read another image on QuickMeme, a popular meme generator website that allows users to create and share memes.

Ozzy's owners were shaken after the attack, the second crossbow-related incident a week in the Island's Capital Regional District, reported the Times Colonist.

Owner Donna La Rose said Ozzy could care less about the attention. “He would wonder what all this fuss is all about it,” she told Metro. “He wouldn’t want the fame and attention, he just wants to be himself.”

You go, Ozzy.

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