10/12/2012 12:14 EDT

Amanda Todd Bullying Prompts Christy Clark Video

B.C. Premier Christy Clark has added her condemnation to the bullying that led to a 15-year-old's suicide this week.

Amanda Todd was found dead in a Coquitlam home on Wednesday night, a month after posting a YouTube video that chronicled the torment she suffered from online and physical bullying for more than three years.

"I want to say to everyone that loved her, to all her family and friends, how sorry I am for her loss," said Clark in a short YouTube video on Thursday.

"No one deserves to be bullied. No one earns it, no one asks for it. It isn't a rite of passage. Bullying has to stop," said the premier.

"Every child, everyone needs to be able to feel safe at school."

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