10/11/2012 01:46 EDT | Updated 10/11/2012 02:01 EDT

Justin Bieber Fans Vandalize Rick Rypien Memorial (TWITTER REACTION)


Vancouver Canucks fans are seething over a love note scrawled by Justin Bieber fans on the Rick Rypien memorial wall outside Rogers Arena after the singer's concert on Wednesday night.

Next to a note to the late Canucks player "Thank you Rick for your inspiration," someone has written "I love Justin Bieber" in black marker. Several other similar Bieber messages were also left on the wall paying tribute to the Canucks forward who fought depression before being found dead last summer.

One person who wrote "J.B. Concert, Oct. 10/2012" in a heart left her full name -- and has been receiving the wrath of Canucks fans online. Some of the abusive messages included death threats, reported B.C. CTV.

"To whoever destroyed the memorial, do you understand what I would do to you if I was in a room with you?" posted one Twitter user.

The girl has since deleted her Twitter account, reported News 1130.

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Bieber Fans Deface Rypien Memorial (Reaction)

"Absolutely pathetic thing to do," commented someone on the Canucks forum.

However, another commenter on the forum pointed out, "I just hope no one acts irrationally towards her, as wrong as this was, I could see someone being stupid enough to inflict physical harm to her. She is ... too young and dumb to realize the error of her actions. For all we know she knows nothing of the Canucks or Ryp and just saw a place where others had written."

"This is a sad sight to see for sure but we must remember to remain calm and realize the vandalizers are young and made a mistake. No one should be bullied over this as that doesn’t make one any better. Whoever, did this should apologize and somehow make amends and carry on," added blogger Vancity Buzz.

Jared, who tried to clean the Bieber messages with nail polish remover and paper towels on Thursday, told News 1130: "People make mistakes, but this is pretty bad. It's mental health awareness week, so that's kind of like a slap in the face, too."