10/12/2012 08:14 EDT | Updated 03/11/2013 05:16 EDT

What Lingerie Says About You (INFOGRAPHIC, PHOTOS)

There's a love affair happening with lingerie lately (as we reported to you last month).

Which got us thinking about what all the sporting of intimate apparel actually means. How come we're buying more undies and nighties? What does our affinity for black bras mean (is the colour choice too boring)? Can we tell me about a celeb who poses semi-nude because of their skivvies?

All the pondering -- while inspecting our "girly" drawer, of course -- brought us to this infographic from It reveals some interesting facts about why we buy the undergarments we do as well as what the colour of our feminine shifts say about us.

How accurate is the info when it comes to your delicates? Compare your learnings with these celebs who have recently sported lingerie.

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