10/12/2012 09:36 EDT | Updated 12/12/2012 05:12 EST

Premier Says Help On The Way For Alberta Beef Producers


Alberta Premier Alison Redford says a government program to help beef producers should be enough to get them through the temporary shutdown of the XL Foods plant in Brooks.

Plans to gradually reopen the meat-packing plant were announced Thursday after Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspectors linked beef contaminated with E. coli to the plant in September.

Redford says the government is now helping producers.

“There's legislation in place in Alberta that creates an insurance fund already that producers pay into,” Redford said.

"My understanding, and I've been advised by our minister of agriculture, that fund is fully funded and is supporting producers to the extent that they have been impacted so from our perspective, that has worked well and that's what the role of the provincial government should be."

The premier also said she’s going to make sure Canadians know beef is safe.

“The first thing I’m going to do is to continue the work that we've done with Alberta beef producers and to continue to talk as I did at the very beginning about the fact that this is a quality product that's entirely safe,” Redford said.

“There was a particular circumstance in the past two weeks where a particular commercial entity made some decisions which impacted the quality of the processing of the product.”

Redford is also rejecting calls for a public inquiry into what went wrong at the XL plant as she says the problems are being fixed.

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