10/17/2012 08:22 EDT

Designer Handbags: What Qualifies As An Entry-Level Designer Bag? (VOTE, PHOTOS)


The argument can be made that designer handbags are a luxury most ordinary women will never know. They're exorbitantly priced—you're looking at $1,500 to $2,000 which is more than most people's monthly rent or mortgage payment. Keeping in mind, the quality will withstand the tests of the time and the craftsmanship can't be beat. Some of those bags are truly works of art.

Then you have what are labelled entry-level designer bags. These are bags that usually retail for $400 to $900. They're the more accessible luxury items non-wealthy women will purchase outside of designer perfume and sunglasses.

But, one woman's entry-level is another woman's high-end. What do you consider the entry-level bags? Here's a list we've been batting around the office:

Do you own or lust for an entry-level designer bag, or are they still too rich for your blood?

Here are real Hermes bags on the arms of celebs:

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