10/15/2012 05:05 EDT | Updated 12/15/2012 05:12 EST

Argonauts release defensive back Williams after missed tackle in game

TORONTO, ONTARIO, - T.J. Williams paid a hefty price for missing a tackle.

The Toronto Argonauts released the rookie defensive back Monday after Williams missed a tackle on Montreal receiver Jamel Richardson in the Alouettes' 24-12 victory at Rogers Centre on Sunday.

Richardson scored on a 75-yard touchdown pass from Anthony Calvillo late in the third quarter. Williams had a shot at Richardson at about the Toronto 10-yard line and instead of making the tackle appeared to try to knock Richardson out of bounds.

But he ended up barely touching the Montreal receiver, who scored easily.

The six-foot-three, 183-pound Williams joined the Argos as a free agent June 10 out of Valdosta State University. He appeared in seven games — five as a starter — and had 11 tackles and two interceptions.