10/15/2012 02:04 EDT | Updated 10/15/2012 02:26 EDT

Elliot Hayward, Motorcycle Vigilante Confronts Calgary Traffic Law-Breakers, Posts To YouTube (VIDEO)


Motorcycle vigilante Elliot Hayward is taking on Calgary's bad drivers and receiving blasts of criticism in the process, after posting aggressive, profanity-laced YouTube videos of his confrontations with law-breaking road users.


The videos depict typical Calgary drivers and pedestrians assaulting the Alberta Traffic Safety Act like only Calgarians can - parking on turning lanes, running red lights, jaywalking and all sorts of other bad things.

The problem is not with the fact Hayward is catching all evil violations with his helmet cam while atop his motorcycle, but with the fact that in the videos he's not seen as a quiet observer but is seemingly an aggressive, confrontational, rules-of-the-road breaker who often follows up someone's traffic indiscretion with law-breaking of his own.

"Break laws to bitch at people who break laws. Self righteous almost to the catholic authority level!" says AE92_TreunoSC on

"The amount of douchebaggery in that video by Snowcat (FKA Scat, a multiple-time-banned member on here) does not surprise me one bit," says euro_racer also on

"This is the same guy who rode around at night with only his angel eyes on and had a tinted windshield ... "keeping Calgary's roads safe"... Dear Scat, I always knew you were a looser and a douchebag, this video just proves that even more."

Some forum posts even suggest violence against the traffic vigilante, who posts his exploits on YouTube under the handle snowcatxx87.

In his videos, Hayward is seen squeezing between lanes, taking both hands off the handle bars to give an oncoming driver a double middle-finger salute, swears at other motorists and, most notoriously, nearly runs down a pedestrian crossing against a light.

But it's all to teach bad Calgary drivers and pedestrians a lesson, Hayward tells The Calgary Sun.

“I’m the type of person who isn’t afraid to make a point — careless people cause accidents, cost insurance companies money, cost taxpayers money — no one tells them how it is,” he told The Sun.

“Why are people careless? It’s too easy to get a licence. They take it for granted. Jump in my car and go.

They don’t care about their fellow road user.”

In the most infamous part of the video, Hayward nearly runs down a walking pedestrian which he sees from halfway down a block as he comes out of a downtown alley. He calmly drives out of the ally but revs his engine, guns the throttle, gets into the lane the pedestrian is on and heads for him.

From the video, it looks like only millimetres between the jaywalker and the right hand side of the bike.

Such antics don't go unnoticed, says another party not too impressed with the contents of the video - the Calgary Police Service.

CPS tells The Sun the detail of the video and what they believe is an aggression issue, clearly warrant an investigation.

This would not be the first time a personal cam landed an aggressive motorcycle rider in hot water in the last few months.

Warrants were issued for Randy George Scott, of B.C., after he posted a video of himself doing 300 km/h, as he swerved in and out of traffic and squeezing through lanes while nearly tripling the posted speed limit.

Scott turned himself in to Kelowna RCMP this past July.

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